Ammonium Metatungstate Picture

Ammonium metatungstate is an important compound product in tungsten smelting process, referred to as AMT. AMT very versatile and can be used as catalysts, capacitors, nuclear shielding, flame retardants, corrosion inhibitors raw materials, but also excellent raw materials in the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder, tungsten heavy alloy powder, phosphotungstic acid, arsenic acid, silicon tungstate.

The smelting products of tungsten is various types of tungsten powder and its compounds primarily through the extraction and refining, are:

●Ammonium paratungstate: ammonium paratungstate calcined under different conditions can be prepared YTO, BTO and VTO; may also be converted into tungsten acid and ammonium metatungstate

●Tungstic acid: The main raw material of tungsten chemical products, but also can be used for ultra-fine tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder production

●Ammonium metatungstate: mainly used as chemical raw materials, catalysts, and also can be used in producing ultra-fine tungsten, nanocomposite powder

●Tungsten oxide: include YTO, BTO and VTO, is the main raw material of tungsten powder, but also can be used as the starting material, pigments, catalysts, functional materials (such as discoloration of the heat-reactive functional materials) of tungsten compound

●Tungsten powder: the main raw material of tungsten carbide and tungsten products, also used as surface materials and composites.

●Tungsten carbide powder: the main raw material of cemented carbide, also used as a surface material, raw diamond composites.

●Solid solution powder: formed of the solid solution carbide powder and a variety of refractory metal compound, which are mainly used as important component in cutting tool material.