Ammonium Metatungstate Semiconductor

Ammonium Metatungstate Picture

Ammonium metatungstate semiconductor does not exist because AMT itself does not have semiconductor property, but refers to preparation of AMT tungsten trioxide (WO3) semiconductor, an important intermediate in semiconductor and electronics industry.

Ammonium metatungstate used in the electronics industry is mainly the preparation of film substrate of capacitor, shield and semiconductor device ect.. Often, ammonium metatungstate is tungsten source to prepare tungsten trioxide semiconductor by adding specific proportion of other raw materials (such as citric acid and sodium sulfate). WO3 is a η-type semiconductor material having a hexagonal, cubic and other symmetrical structure, because of its excellent electrochromic, photochromic and photochromic, photocatalytic and gas sensitivity and other special properties to cause a lot concern.

Ammonium metatungstate used in film substrate of semiconductor devices is mainly playing a role of supportive and to improve the film properties. Because the substrate material's property and surface shape has a great influence on the properties of the films, and the thickness of film grown on the substrate is generally required between nanometers to microns, therefore requires substrate surface has ultra flatness; thus, the combination of the film and the substrate is a very important aspect, if the lattice mismatches between the two, then it will form a long transition zone in the initial stage of the film formation.