Ammonium Metatungstate Catalyst

Ammonium Metatungstate Picture

Due to the improvement of tungsten producing technology, research and development of tungsten in chemical application also improves. In double decomposition catalyze area, about 45% research result relates to tungsten compound. Tungsten catalyst is easy to react with phosphorus and generate double bond or triple bond compound. These catalysts are easier to control than olefin and acetylene.

Ammonium metatungstate catalyst is a new kind of catalyst with better property. When methyl alcohol transfers to hydrocarbon, it shows great catalytic ability and unique selectivity. Ammonium is widely used in petroleum, electronic, national defense, aviation, metallurgy, anticorrosion and antiflaming, etc. It now becomes new catalytic material, its application and consumption increase day by day.

Use ammonium paratungstate as raw material and hydrometallurgy process, the finished ammonium metatungstate catalyst is of stable property, high quality, low cost, easy to operate and suitable for mass production.

There are a lot of kinds of catalysts, like metatungstate, tungsten trioxide, tungsten disulfide, Co-Mo-Al2O3, Ni-Mo-Al2O3, Ni-W-Al2O3, etc. Ammonium metatungstate catalyst is more active than other catalyst; it has unique large molecular weight, high hydratability and solubility. It can be soluble in water at any ratio. Also ammonium metatungstate catalyst is of high selectivity, long service life, good water solubility, good catalytic property.